Construction Site Accidents Causing Personal Injury

Lawyers for Workers Comp & Non-Employer Related Construction Cases

Mitchell & Shea, APC is one of a few firms in California handling both civil and workers’ compensation matters. In doing so, we have learned that a great many industrial construction site accidents happen every day. A lot of times, the injured worker thinks they are limited to bringing only a workers’ compensation claim, when in reality the negligence of a third party or company other than their employer caused or contributed to their injuries.

The law is very complicated in this area, as the workers’ compensation laws and civil statutes are filled with issues relating to credits, offsets and liens. The goal of the law is to limit the injured person’s recovery without a double recovery. In handling both aspects of the claim, our attorneys can assure their clients of the maximum recovery possible.

Expert Attorney Representation for Complex Industrial Injuries

We have represented many workers injured on the job in an industrial or construction site setting. These cases involve a very complex area of law that requires the attorneys to determine exactly who was at fault and whether the other company should have exercised certain precautions at the work site.

Construction Site Injuries Incurred On the Job

Our lawyers understand the nuances of these cases and aggressively litigate the following issues that frequently arise in these workplace cases:

  • OSHA violations
  • Negligence of the injured worker’s own employer
  • Negligence of the injured worker himself
  • Other contractors’ right to control the work site
  • Defective products (scaffolding, ladders, machinery) at the work site
  • Contractual obligations between general contractor and subcontractors on the job
  • Developer’s or property owner’s liability

No Cost Consultation: Civil and Occupational Construction Related Injuries

If you were injured at a construction site, an industrial plant, or in the workplace, contact us to help you with your case and to help determine if you have a workers’ compensation claim, a civil claim, or both.