Defective Products & Manufacturer Recalls

Personal Injury Due to Faulty or Dangerous Products

Products can be defective in their design, manufacture, or lack of warnings. Product liability cases can result from all sorts of products whether used in an industrial setting (heavy machinery, machines, forklifts, tools, lifts, presses) or by consumers (the public at large).

Toxic Pharmaceutical & Over the Counter Medications

Pharmaceutical or health care products such as medications or medical devices can be defective if they cause serious conditions which were not disclosed on the warning labels, or if they were manufactured in a defective manner.

Acccidents Due to Malfunctioning Vehicles & Automotive Parts

Automobiles or automotive parts can be defective for a variety of complex reasons.

Manufacturer Recalls & Products Determined Harmful to Consumers

The lawyers at Mitchell & Shea, APC have expertise in product liability cases. We understand the vast amount of work required to win these cases and the need to retain the top experts in the field.

Establishing Proof of Direct Harm & Liability

Proving a product is defective is not easy. Often, the manufacturer points the finger at the consumer and blames the injured person for not using the product correctly, or not following directions, or failing to keep the product in good repair.

At Fault Factors: Overcoming Common Faulty Product Defenses

These defenses are countered by our aggressive lawyers who find out everything there is to know about the design, development, manufacture, and distribution of the product in question.

Dangerours Product Discovery Often Reveals Manufacturer Negligence

We often find that these manufacturers knew from the start that certain flaws existed in the product, but went ahead with its production because they were more concerned with generating corporate profits rather than ensuring consumer safety.