Head & Brain Injuries

TBI: Traumatic Brain Injury Cases

Head and brain injuries can have devastating, life changing effects for both victims and their families. A head injury or brain injury can have serious or even fatal consequences.

Employers Must Establish & Enforce Workplace Safety Standards

Health and safety laws make specific requirements for employers to assess and minimize the risk of their staff being injured by falls, a falling object, or being crushed.

OSHA Regulates & Oversees Workplace Health & Safety Protocols

These regulations include the issuing of hard hats in construction areas, the safe storage of objects that are being stored or transported at height and provision of safe plant and machines. Where these requirements are not met, the effects can be dramatic.

Mitchell & Shea Lawyers Work as a Team with Brain Injury Experts

Mitchell & Shea, APC has a team of specialist lawyers, with specific expertise in head and brain injury claims, who can help you to make a head injury claim if you have been involved in an accident at work.

Head & Brain Injury Attorneys Skilled in Obtaining Long Term Claim Awards

Our expertise in head and brain injury claims extends to much more than simply fighting for compensation for your injuries.

Traumatic Brain Injuries Often Call for Long Term Compensation Plans

Our specialist lawyers understand the difficulties that a head or brain injury can cause, with such an injury likely to have a dramatic lasting effect on you and your family. Because of this, our lawyers can help you with all aspects of your claim, helping you to secure medical support to help you with your rehabilitation. Brain injuries take a significant amount of time to heal and fully develop the final residual outcome. Lawyers and their clients must have patience as these cases take years to litigate, and ultimately, the financial recovery must be sufficient to address a lifetime of needs.