Hand, Wrist & Arm Injuries

Personal Injuries Involving Hands, Fingers, Elbows, Wrists & Arms On the job injuries involving the hand, wrist, elbow, shoulder and arm are very common given the repetitive nature of most jobs. Injuries to your upper extremities can arise from a specific trauma or develop over time from overuse. Mitchell & Shea Lawyers Specialize in Injury … Read more

Head & Brain Injuries

TBI: Traumatic Brain Injury Cases Head and brain injuries can have devastating, life changing effects for both victims and their families. A head injury or brain injury can have serious or even fatal consequences. Employers Must Establish & Enforce Workplace Safety Standards Health and safety laws make specific requirements for employers to assess and minimize … Read more

Repetitive Motion Injuries | Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Repetitive Strain Injury Cases Repetitive Strain Injury (“RSI”), also referred to as Repetitive Motion Injury (“RMI”) or Cumulative Trauma Disorder (“CTD”), frequently occurs in the upper extremities when one’s profession requires repeated physical movements. Repetitive Strain Affects a Broad Range of Occupations Workers from a wide range of professions can be inflicted with a Repetitive … Read more

Neck & Back Injury Case Law

Workplace Incidents Causing Neck, Back & Spine Injuries Neck and back injuries often occur in industries where a worker must do a lot of heavy lifting. Workplace Back Injuries Extend Beyond Traditional Manual Labor Jobs While heavy lifiting and manual labor are frequently associated with construction and manufacturing work, such injuries also affect those all … Read more

San Diego Personal Injury Cases

Serious Injury Lawyers: Every Injury Case is a Serious Legal Matter Over the past thirteen years, the lawyers at Mitchell & Shea, APC have seen every type of injury. Our professional approach, however, is to treat all injuries as serious ones. Recovering Financial Losses & Pre-Injury Quality of Life for Clients Injuries affect the quality … Read more