Do’s And Don’ts | Avoiding Common Pitfalls Upon Injury

The Do’s

  • Do get the license plate numbers of all other vehicles involved in car accidents and the drivers’ names, addresses, telephone numbers, and insurance information.
  • Do get the name and address of the animal’s owner and any license information if you were injured by an animal bite or attack.
  • Do write down the names, addresses, and phone numbers of all potential witnesses to an accident.
  • Do contact your health, homeowner’s, and/or automobile insurance companies, as appropriate.
  • Any property damage.
  • Do take photographs of all of the following, as applicable, as soon as possible after the accident:
  • The scene of the accident, from all angles.
  • The surrounding area.
  • The product or animal that caused your injuries.
  • Your injuries.
  • Any property damage.

The Don’ts

  • Don’t move your vehicle after an automobile accident unless necessary for safety or required by law.
  • Don’t subject yourself to further injury by standing or waiting in an area of traffic or other safety hazards.
  • Don’t leave the scene of an accident until the police tell you it is okay to do so.
  • Don’t throw away any potential evidence in the case, such as defective products, or torn or blood-stained clothing.
  • Don’t engage in discussions as to fault with anyone, and make sure you don’t apologize for anything-it can be considered evidence that you were legally at fault.
  • Don’t agree to settlement terms without contacting your attorney.