Lifetime Benefits & Pension Awards For Seriously Injured Workers

Serious Injury Lawyers: Lifetime Benefit Claims & Long Term Medical Care

With more significant work related injuries, you may be entitled to a life long pension beyond the value of your permanent disability.

Strategies to Maximize Your Financial Recovery & Secure Your Future

With life time benefits and life long medical needs, the attorneys at Mitchell & Shea, APC have substantial means to assure the maximum recovery and future security.

Structured Settlements & Tax Sheltered Annuities Experts

Mitchell & Shea Attorneys frequently utilize structured settlements which allow for the purchase of annuities providing tax free growth on the original settlement amount, and which guarantee the money will be available in the future when their clients need it the most.

M & S Lawyers’ Recent Annuity Cases Total More Than $7,000,000.00

In the last two years, Mitchell & Shea, APC has secured structured settlements in excess of 7 million dollars for its clients.