San Diego Benefit Claims For Professional Athletes Injured At Work

Experienced Professional Sports Injury Attorneys Mitchell & Shea, APC, one of California’s leading Workers’ Compensation and Personal Injury law firms, is currently representing several former NFL players and conducting an ongoing investigation into the long term effects of concussions and other work related injuries suffered by former NFL players and the relationship between those concussions … Read more

Pedestrian And Crosswalk Accidents

CROSSWALK & PEDESTRIAN INJURY ACCIDENT CASES While a car v. pedestrian accident seems strait forward on its face, numerous legal questions regarding the right away and various local vehicle ordinances come into play. Insurance companies defend these cases as aggressively as they do garden variety accidents involving two vehicles. PERSONAL INJURY CASES: RUN OVER BY … Read more

Motorcycle | Off Road | Atv Accidents

Our attorneys are very experienced in litigating accidents involving motorcycles. San Diego Motorcycle Accident Attorney Our attorneys understand the prejudice that motorcycle riders face in the public eye and ultimately in the courtroom. Most jurors have never ridden a motorcycle. These jurors have a negative attitude towards motorcycle riders because, in their experience, they think … Read more

Defective Products & Manufacturer Recalls

Personal Injury Due to Faulty or Dangerous Products Products can be defective in their design, manufacture, or lack of warnings. Product liability cases can result from all sorts of products whether used in an industrial setting (heavy machinery, machines, forklifts, tools, lifts, presses) or by consumers (the public at large). Toxic Pharmaceutical & Over the … Read more

Attorney Brian Mitchell

San Diego Personal Injury Lawyer A graduate of Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego, Brian Mitchell has been practicing since 1996. He got his start for the City Attorney’s Office in San Diego, focusing on Criminal Law in the Alternative Dispute Resolution Division, and serving an internship with the Public Defender’s Office. A … Read more

San Diego Worker Compensation Law

California Workers’ Comp Case Law is Specialized, Complex & Transitional Probably no other area of California law changes as often as does the workers’ compensation provisions in the California Labor Code and California Code of Regulations. Lawyers who simply dabble in this area of law are doomed to fail their clients. The method by which … Read more

San Diego Personal Injury Law

Attorneys & Advocates for Achieving Maximum Injury Settlements As the Partner Attorneys at Mitchell and Shea Law Firm, our goal is to help our clients recover from financial, physical, and emotional suffering brought on by serious personal injury and / or the devastating wrongful death of a loved one. California State Bar Specialized Attorneys Our … Read more