Dangerous Property & Premises Liability

Injury Due to Negligent Property Owners

A property owner can be held legally responsible for serious injuries that occur on its property when the injury is caused by a dangerous property condition. These “premises liability” cases arise in a variety of contexts. The attorneys at Mitchell & Shea, APC have many years of experience in representing customers, visitors, and patrons who were severely injured by an accident that was caused by a property owner’s carelessness or negligence.

Property Liability Cases May Vary Widely in Circumstances

A premises liability case can arise in many different scenarios.

Most people think that premises liability cases are limited to “trip and fall” or “slip and fall” cases.

While those types of cases are usually the most common type of premises liability cases, there are many other contexts in which property owners can be held responsible, such as:

  • Criminal activity at apartment complexes that the landlord could have prevented
  • Construction activity at a property that results in hidden dangers to visitors
  • Dangerous work activities that take place on the property that result in harm to others
  • Electrical lines hidden by trees that contractors are not told about before starting work
  • Large warehouse stores that stack heavy products on shelves
  • Simple falls can result in serious injuries

Cause: Conditions or Clumsiness?

Many people react to a slip and fall at a retail store by thinking it is entirely their own fault. Yet, what they may not realize is that the store failed to conduct hourly “sweeps” of its aisles to ensure that water or other liquids are not on the floors. Retail stores have a legal responsibility to check the aisles regularly throughout a day and quickly clean up anything that could cause a fall. Slip and falls can result in debilitating leg, hip and back injuries. The lawyers at Mitchell & Shea, APC have handled many of these types of cases and are often able to prove the store did not fulfill its obligation to keep the store safe.

Poorly Maintained Premises

Premises liability can involve many types of property.

Retail stores are not the only types of property owner who can be held liable in a premises liability case. The following types of entities can be a defendant in a premises liability case:

Our lawyers will conduct aggressive investigation and litigation to hold the careless property owner responsible for injuries that could have been prevented if the dangerous condition had been repaired in a timely fashion. Please call Mitchell & Shea, APC to discuss your situation.