Protecting The Integrity And Cash Value Of Your Injury Case


After you are injured, it is important that you keep track of any and all documents relating to your accident or injury. It is vital that you document everything relating to your injury if possible, including:

  • Information regarding any other person involved in the accident, whether that is the person who caused your injury or a witness to the event.
  • Save all documents, including information provided by law enforcement, medical records, receipts, or letters.
  • Take photographs immediately of anything related to your accident (e.g., damage to your car, scars, bruises, or cuts on your body, the item on the floor that caused you to slip, etc.)

Consult with Attorney Prior to Dealing with Insurance Company

DO NOT GIVE A STATEMENT TO AN INSURANCE COMPANY without first speaking with our office.

The value of each case varies and it would be unethical for any attorney to tell you what your case is worth with any certainty. The lawyers at Mitchell & Shea, APC, however, do know the factors that effect case value, and that is why it is important to contact our office early so we may advise you accordingly.