Psychological And Stress Induced Injuries | Mental And Emotional Disability | PTSD

Occupational Stress Requiring Leave of Absence & Loss of Income

Psychological injuries can result in a number of ways. In the workplace, stress can give rise to a claim of a psychological injury. The employer in question will try to deny coverage for these claims by arguing that the stress was in response to good faith personnel actions.

Challenging Employer Good Faith Defense

While at times a successful defense, our attorneys can help advise you as to whether the stress and psychological problems you have were a result of good faith personnel actions or something else that would result in a compensable work injury.

Depression & Trauma often Co-Occur with Accidents & Physical Injuries

A psychological claim can also arise from the stress and sorrow associated with having a physical work injury. These claims are compensable, and our lawyers have handled hundreds of such claims.

Post Traumatic Stress Injuries

Finally, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (“PTSD”) can arise after a traumatic event and the lawyers at Mitchell & Shea, APC, have a very good understanding of the science behind the diagnosis of such a claim and they have connections with physicians treating this disorder. Call now if you feel you have suffered a psychological injury.