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California Workers’ Comp Case Law is Specialized, Complex & Transitional

Probably no other area of California law changes as often as does the workers’ compensation provisions in the California Labor Code and California Code of Regulations. Lawyers who simply dabble in this area of law are doomed to fail their clients. The method by which disability is determined and how benefits are paid change yearly.

Our Work Injury Lawyers are Specialized & Certified by California State Bar

The attorneys at Mitchell & Shea, APC, are constantly attending continuing education programs and analyzing the new case law and statutes to stay in tuned with these changes. Brian Mitchell has been certified by the State of California as a specialist in workers’ compensation, and Patrick Shea has been fighting for injured workers since 1999.

Claims on Behalf of Workers Injured on the Job

Many injured workers never get the compensation, medical care or benefits they need or deserve. Often, they accept the insurance company’s physician referral and opinions of the doctors working for the insurance company and employer. By not engaging an attorney who precisely understands the nuances of this area of law, you may be substantially affecting the monetary value of your case.


Frequently, the lawyers at Mitchell & Shea, APC are able to identify the negligence of someone other than your employer which contributed to your injury, and in such a case, can increase your compensation by brining a civil action against the offending party concurrently with the workers’ compensation claim.

Aggressive Case Management & Successful Claim Settlements

As dedicated Worker Injury and Disability attorneys, we involve ourselves in all aspects of your case, assuring you receive timely benefits, appropriate and fair medical treatment, as well as the most simple things as mileage reimbursement for physician visits.

Free Workers Comp Injury Case Consultation

As this system continues to change and become more and more complicated, it is imperative that you contact our attorneys to help navigate your claim and maximize your compensation.