Pain And Suffering Factors

Pain & Suffering Awards are in Addition to Medical & Loss of Income

For our personal injury clients, the firm strives to maximize our client’s recovery for both economic (medical bills, lost earnings) and non-economic or general damages. General damages are commonly referred to as pain and suffering damages.

Awards for Pain & Suffering Vary with Each Personal Injury Case

Putting a value on pain and suffering is probably the most difficult task for a jury in any injury case. There is no scientific formula and no chart or table to refer to.

Awards for Pain & Suffering Vary with Each Personal Injury Case

Every injury, every injured person, every accident and every case is different and deserves a through evaluation. The lawyers at Mitchell & Shea, APC take pride in knowing the fine details of each case so that we may communicate the particular story of each case to the insurance company involved to maximize the recovery.

Claimants Should Document Effects of Injuries

It is important that you keep track (in writing) of the issues you have after an injury, including how the injury has effected you emotionally and how the injury has effected your activities of daily living. Call Mitchell & Shea, APC now and we can discuss these issues and help you best present them to the insurance company.