San Diego Personal Injury Law

Attorneys & Advocates for Achieving Maximum Injury Settlements

As the Partner Attorneys at Mitchell and Shea Law Firm, our goal is to help our clients recover from financial, physical, and emotional suffering brought on by serious personal injury and / or the devastating wrongful death of a loved one.

California State Bar Specialized Attorneys

Our commitment to our clients’ well being and our passion to help them obtain justice sets us apart from other personal injury law firms. Unlike other law firms where no specialty exists, our Southern California personal injury lawyers exclusively practice Personal Injury, Wrongful Death claims, and Workers’ Compensation law.

Effective & Committed Legal Representation for San Diego Injury Cases

We are serious about helping our clients obtain full and fair compensation for their injuries.

If we represent you in your case, we will investigate every possible legal avenue to help you find relief from the physical, emotional, and financial challenges you are facing.

When you have suffered serious injuries, you deserve an attorney who will protect your rights and fight for justice.

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